Monday, October 29, 2012

Rummage Sale Finds

Every year my friend and I attend a Hospital Auxiliary Rummage Sale.  It is a huge sale held in Virginia.    My friend clears out the back of her SUV and off we go.    This year traffic was horrible and in a panic we were missing out on something, we finally arrived about a half hour after the doors opened.    This sale is one of our favorites to go to.  They have EVERYTHING you can imagine from clothes, shoes, purses to housewares, furniture, antiques and just plain other junk, which we LOVE.   The other year my friend was fortunate enough to find a wagon to purchase, which made carrying our wares a little easier but last year we had to carry around the bags we brought.  This year we FORGOT, yes forgot bags.  How does one do this?   Luckily some of the "cashiers" had plastic bags that we were able to use.    We did pretty good this year only purchasing a few small items.  We couldn't believe that we were actually getting out of there without filling the back of the SUV when low and behold, I found a tree.  Yes, that is right, an artificial tree.   I didn't need a tree.  I didn't want a tree.  I certainly was NOT looking to buy a tree but when I asked the price and the sales lady suggested $20.00 I had to seriously think about it.   She must have thought I wasn't interested and immediately brought the price down to 15.00 bucks.  I didn't say a thing but looked at her like she could not be serious.  I was in shock.  These trees are expensive.  She must have mistaken my look as though I wasn't interested and at that point said she would take $10.00.  WHAT??? TEN dollars????  Okay, guess I was going home with a tree.    

A cute little candle for a dollar.

 Every girl needs a fun wine glass and this one was perfect
especially for fifty cents.  

Two candle holders - fifty cents each.  
They are sooo pretty lit up at night. 

I paid ten dollars at a kitchen store for the red spatula and 
just got the yellow one for fifty cents at the rummage sale.  
I should have waited!!

I loved this picture and with a little paint on the frame love it more. 
It goes perfect in my basement bathroom.  

Loved the granite whatever the heck it is.  
I just added a cloche and pumpkin but I still need to figure out what to do with it later.  I loved the fat little rooster too.

I put the fat little rooster inside my kitchen cabinet.
I smile whenever I see him peeking out at me. 

The TREE - so happy I got it

Of course there were several other things I didn't get pictures of but these are some of my favorites. 

What good finds have you found recently?


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  1. Love the tree! $10.00...unbelievable. It looks so real!