Saturday, October 27, 2012

Painting Ceramic Tiles

I just posted about my new kitchen color but I forgot to mention one thing.... one awful thing.  One of those things you don't think of ahead or even notice until a project is complete.   Once we had the kitchen repainted I stepped back to take a look at the finished project when I noticed that my ceramic tumbled tile did NOT match.  It looked great with the walls red but with them a different color the tiles now looked a little peachy.  Why hadn't I noticed this before?   After a quick moment of panic and some funny looks from my husband I took the wall paint and started painting the tiles.  Mostly it stuck in the crevices and the little bit of grout that is in some of the crevices but it changed the look like I wanted to.  Thank goodness the crises was avoided.  No need to redo the tile.  



Don't ever be afraid to try a little paint when you need something to match.  Especially if it is going to be something you may replace anyway. 


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