Friday, November 9, 2012


Not loving this.......

I saw this little cabinet at Goodwill a while back and thought it was adorable (dirty and gross but adorable) so I bought it for $6.00.  I took it home and gave it a good cleaning and then another good cleaning and then, well another wipe down (it was really yucky).   Thinking this was going to look adorable in my craft room I painted and glazed it and then hung it up.  Then I added a couple of items that I already had in the room.  THEN I decided that I don't really like it.  I don't mind the placement of it (mostly for the convenience) but  don't like the color and definitely overdid the glazing.  I have decided to repaint it but I am undecided on what color would look good if I leave it where it is currently hanging.  I'm thinking either red or black.  I'll antique it more too.  My next decision is chalk paint or regular paint and glaze???   I'm thinking chalk paint. 

Here is how it was when I purchased it. 


You can see the rest of my craft room HERE

So what do you think?  Red??  Black??  Another color??  Any advice would be appreciated. 

Thank you much. 


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  1. My vote: Red (chalk paint) then distress. It really is a cute cabinet!

  2. It's so cute! I'm a red girl.. fav red of all time, ever and ever... really? Is BM Raspberry Truffle ... I just had my can out touching up some paint before Thanksgiving. While you can gather up vines in the yard I could see a really small home made wreath hung on the door.. Really you got a find there !!! Happy Fall, Jules ~

  3. Hi Lisa! I'm new to your blog via Marty's party & am now a new follower -- I'm a scarpbooker, too, among numerous other things. I think the little cabinet is very cute (and actually don't mind the color), but it would be really cute in a red since you have some pops of red around your room -- yes, I took the scrapbook room tour! I think the thing that is an issue is that it isn't grounded, it's just floating there on the wall. Do you have a stool or very small table that you could place under it to anchor it? Or even one of those little wall shelves with cute brackets. I also think it needs a little greenery or a wreath propped on top leaning against the wall. I'd love to hear what you come up with.


    1. I think you are totally right Carol. It does need a shelf or a little table - that is a great idea. And I will be adding a wreath or some greenery too because it does bother me that it is "just hanging there". Of course this will be after painting it RED :) Thank you for you opinion and for following me. I really appreciate it.

  4. Looks like red might be nice in there--a rusty kind of red. It's a cute cabinet so hopefully it'll come back into your good graces with a coat of new paint!

  5. Hi Lisa! Red gets my vote, in chalk paint. I think it would be a great accent piece in red. Love your craft room! Stopping by via Debbiedoo's.

  6. Hi Lisa! I'm agreeing with the others before me...RED! and distressed. I think it's really cute and I would have grabbed it up for that price too!

  7. Oh red of course! That is a cute cabinet and what a find! Found you at the Wow Us Wednesday party from Savvy Southern Style. New follower.

  8. I would tie the color to something else in the room like the curtain fabric or some other upholstery in the room. I believe what is really bothering you is the placement. Do you have a skinny wall (like between a window and door) that would be just enough room for the cabinet? It seems to be hanging out by itself in the middle of nowhere overpowered by the large unit next to it. It's really cute though. Here's what I did with our similar cabinet: Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  9. Well, I'm always prone to purple, but I don't think that would go with the rest of your room. I actually like it in white though, I think it looks good. Visiting you from Debbiedoo's party and I am your newest GFC follower (us newbies have to stick together)! I would love if you would take the time to visit my blog and follow back -