Saturday, September 8, 2012

This little cutie was FREE...

One of my favorite thrift stores has a FREE box outside of it.  It usually contains old books, mismatched items or items that are broken.  I noticed that a lot of people walk right on by it but not me or my good friend, we head for this box first.     The other day I found this really cute bird statue and absolutely fell in love with him.  Yes he was broken but he wasn't anything a little glue couldn't fix.  I grabbed him right up and stuck him in my purse.  The only problem that I noticed was when I went to glue him was he missing a couple tiny pieces.  No worries, a little twine and he would be fine.   Isn't he cute?

 What great finds have you come across lately?


1 comment:

  1. I always say, glue and paint can cover a multitude of cracks. lol
    The bird is adorable! I went back and took a look at your kitchen island. You did a great job on it. Thanks for visiting my blog. Great to meet you.