Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Now I have to work......

I belong to an online yard sale group.  I've picked up a couple items on there.  There are a few things that are overpriced but overall you can get some really good deals.   This past weekend I went on to check it out and saw a brown leather recliner for $100.00.  I thought it was beautiful but since we were heading to buy our new dining room furniture I didn't want to spend the money.  That was until I got to Wolf's Furniture and saw similar ones priced from a thousand bucks to two thousand bucks.   I immediately regretted my decision to not get the one online (especially since my husband looked at them and commented on how much he loved them).  I grabbed my phone from my bag and searched and was so upset because I could not find the listing.   It had been sold, or so I thought.    The next morning I was still bummed about losing out that I decided to check the group again and low and behold he had just re-listed it.  YIPPIE for me!!! I don't think my fingers could have typed my response fast enough.  I WANT THAT CHAIR!!!

On Monday my son was out of school because of an ice storm so I treated him to lunch and he helped me pick up the new (to me) recliner (once the ice melted of course).  When we picked it up the man selling it told me that it was only a couple years old and he bought it from...... of all the places..... Wolf's Furniture..  Are you kidding me?  I got a steal!!

When we got home we discovered that unfortunately it did not fit in my office so we had to do a little rearranging.  My older son happened to be off of work that day so he came over to help me with the move.  We had the entire office moved around in two hours.  Let me tell you I was pooped!!!  I'm not used to that much movement for two hours straight.    It was all worth it in the end.  I love the new arrangement and love that I now have a view of the back yard (my back used to face the window).  I don't know how much I will love that in the summer since my pool is the view I have now.

The BEFORE pics (I hated having my back to the window)
The room seemed so long and narrow this way.

The worst part is having to unload the shelves and the desk.  
That's my handsome & extremely helpful older son.  

The new layout

The side view from the door
I just got the desk chair clearance from Wolf's

The view from the door (and a shot of the new recliner)
See the pool in the yard?  That'll be hard to look at while I work in the summer.

So what do you think of the new layout?   So far I am loving it. 


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  1. Love the wall color in this room, and it looks amazing. Hugs, Marty